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The Vital Role of Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport in Tulum
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The Vital Role of Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport in Tulum

For the past few years, the local and beautiful town of Tulum has been experiencing countless steps of evolution, and now, the new International Airport “Felipe Carrillo Puerto”, is taking this wonderful coast to the next standard of living.


The mysterious jungle of Tulum, now has unprecedented accessibility, counting with arrivals from all around the word for new fearless explorers, who desire to discover this unexplored mystical lands, making this town a must in everybody's bucket list destination

The Felipe Carrillo Puerto Airport main benefits


The Felipe Carrillo Puerto had an investment of 3.2 billion pesos in its construction, and has been planned to receive more than 700,000 tourists in 2024.


The government along with the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, planned an precise strategy with the Tren Maya, The Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport and Parque del Jaguar, previewed to increase the population of the towns of Tulum and Felipe Carrillo Puerto in a 447%.


Within the installation, the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport is equipped with a wastewater treatment plant, which will provide 159 liters of water per person, a 50% rate over the UN requirements for the compliance of basic necessities. 


With this construction, the government aims to improve the offer of airport infrastructure to increase and promote not only tourism accessibility, but the economic and social growth of the region, creating easy access to explore many archaeological zones in the Mayan world.


This building marks a huge change in the lifestyle in Tulum. The Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport represents the constant investment on infrastructure of this beautiful coast in Mexico.


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Airport's connection with Tren Maya


One of the greatest features of the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport is his connection with sections 5 and 6 of the Tren Maya.

This connection will allow a better and more efficient mobility in the southeast region of the country, offering routes that go from Tabasco to Quintana Roo. The Tren Maya, along with the Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport, are innovating the mobility of the region.

This high quality infrastructure opens doors to new ways of traveling and exploring the wonders of Tulum and the regions nearby, reaching the deepests and most intense feelings of adventure and connection with nature of every explorer who desires to reach paradise.



Invest in Tulum in this 2024


The Felipe Carrillo Puerto International Airport isn't the only responsible for this new era of changes. Nearby this important infrastructure, can be found the first master-planned community in the region, Tulum 101.


This master-planned community, Tulum 101, positions the region at a new level of lifestyle, with an intuitive balance of rich history, stunning ecology, haute couture, and exceptional taste, making anyone’s experience unforgettable.


The synergy of these two salient constructions make Tulum one of the best arrival locations in the word, making every experience unique and extraordinary.


Explore the majesty of Tulum


The relevance of Tulum is not a mystery nowadays, being one of the main must-see destinations in the world, filled with magic in its ascents jungles, where your most natural self can ascend.


In Tulum 101, we want to upgrade the lifestyle of the region, feeding and leading the concept of a master-planned community, where the connection with yourself and nature is all around you, creating the most pure and beautiful connection.


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