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conscious development
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Tulum 101: More Than a Real Estate Project, a Conscious Development

When we talk about a conscious development we are referring to a holistic approach of personal and societal growth, taking into account the well-being of individuals, communities and the environment. It’s a way to celebrate the harmony between our souls, communities and the embrace of the Earth


Conscious development begins with the art of awareness and mindfulness. We become attuned to the whispers of the present moment, delicately observing the ripple of our thoughts and actions. Through this gentle touch, we unlock the secret language of our existence, entering a heightened state of awareness. 


Conscious development tulum 101


We recognize that our destinies are entwined with the fragile ecosystems that cradle us, thus, we harmonize our steps, trading lightly upon earth’s delicate skin. For in each choice, we unveil a future adorned with the shimmering jewels of sustainability and resilience. 

In the realm of conscious development, where intention meets awareness, we take a journey towards a positive impact. This path holds characteristics that define the focus of consciousness within our projects:




Conscious development emphasizes sustainable practices that aim to minimize the project’s environmental impact. This includes an energy-efficient design, eco-friendly materials, implementing renewable energy sources, and promoting water and waste management strategies. A dance with nature’s rhythm, embracing the ethereal symphony of sustainability. 




Soulful Unity


A particular characteristic is the enchanting waltz of collaboration of the local community, which, through shared dreams and conversations, crafts spaces that become the vessels of collective desires. From seeking input and feedback from residents, hosting community meetings, and even collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the project aligns with the community’s needs.


conscious development


Well-being and Health


A Conscious development extends a caring hand, creating spaces where souls find solace and spirits find refuge, creating healthy and supportive environments. How? Incorporating features such as ample natural light, good indoor air quality, access to green spaces, and fitness amenities that encourage an active lifestyle.


conscious development


Regenerative Design


Conscious development aims to go beyond sustainability, a testament to the mystical interplay between man and nature, by incorporating regenerative design principles. This approach seeks to restore and enhance ecosystems, biodiversity, and natural resources, rather than simply minimizing harm. It may involve strategies like integrating green infrastructure, preserving natural habitats, and promoting a circular economy.


Conscious development design


Everlasting Enchantment


They paint with the colors of longevity and endurance, ensuring that the tapestry of the development weathers the passage of seasons, prioritizing long-term value creation rather than short-term gains. With each brick and beams, they create spaces that transcend mere function, evolving into legacies that breathe life into the surrounding realms.


Tulum 101


Ethical Business Practices


Ethical decision-making and responsible business practices are a crucial part of a conscious development. Its words are whispered with transparency, and its actions radiate fairness. It harmonizes with laws and regulations, an embodiment of responsible stewardship.  


In the realm of conscious development, the art of creation transcends the limits of the tangible, painting a world where nature and spirits intertwine with bricks and mortar. 


Tulum 101 conscious development


Tulum 101, paving the path of conscious development


A waltz of interconnectedness and intentionality guides our steps in Tulum 101, the first master-planned community in Tulum, Mexico, founded with the principles of a conscious development. A place where we discover the strength of unity and community, like intertwined vines, we grow together, rooted in shared purpose. 

Tulum 101 paves the path with an ecological vision, creating a community meant to last. It becomes a poet of connection, sensing the cosmic dance within ecological systems, unraveling the tapestry of cause and effect, unveiling the core of our challenges. It is here that we sow seeds of transformative actions.


Tulum 101


Handcrafting the veins in the heart of the jungle, Tulum 101 has been dreamed and set with intention and vision led by example, connecting the vision of the future with the roots of the past. Together, we amplify our voices and illuminate the path, inspiring others to dance alongside us in this symphony of sustainability, embracing the whispers of systems thinking. 

An ancient paradise in the Mexican Caribbean coastline that will take you to an ethereal journey to reconnect with your soul and your Mother Earth, while surrounded by the essence of consciousness. Learn more about us in our Instagram profile and be a part of a community based in a philosophy that values modern life while maintaining a complete reverence for the natural and spiritual world.

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